Rooster is the most widely grown potato in Ireland and is available all year round. The variety has red skin with yellow flesh. The good skin finish and uniform shape with shallow eyes makes it easy to peel. The texture allows it to have a wide range of uses such as boiling,steaming,baking,roasting  and chipping.Rooster is also easier to cook than other floury varieties.




Kerr’s Pink are a traditional maincrop variety. They have a white to pink skin color with cream flesh.They have a wide range of uses. As Pinks are usually flourier than Rooster, slightly more care is required when cooking and steaming is a less aggressive option to achieve excellent results.Suitable for a wide range of uses including boiling,steaming, baking,and chipping.Available from late august to May/June



This is a very tasty traditional Irish potato and the most floury potato variety available. Skin finish is rough and russet with pale lemon-cream coloured flesh. This variety is suitable for boiling,steaming or chipping but may be too dry for roasting. As with Pinks steaming may produce better results than boiling.


Traditionally Golden Wonder is available from October/November through to June.



Cultra has a white skin with pink eyes and a cream flesh.It is probably the most popular home grown white potato in the country.The potato is slightly waxier in texture with a good skin finish.The variety is suitable for baking,boiling steaming and roasting.






Karlena is a white alternative to Rooster and Kerrs pink.It has similar cooking characteristics and end uses and is exclusive to Superquinn.





Home Guard is the traditional first early potato grown in Ireland.Typically it available from mid May in small quantities with loose fluffy skins. Texture improves as the season progresses.

Home Guards tend to be gone from the market by early July.



Queens are a second early potato variety and are available from late June to September. Generally Queens begin to replace Home Guard in late June and become the mainstay of the Irish potato market for the summer.The variety has white skin and flesh,an excellent floury texture,beautiful taste and can be used for boiling,steaming,roasting and chipping.




Record is a cream coloured potato with an oval shape and a slightly rough yellow-brown ‘netted’ skin finish and yellow flesh. Records are dry and floury when cooked and are particularly popular in the Midlands and the West of Ireland for all round use. Peak availability is from September to Mid June.




Maris Piper has a golden skin colour with dry creamy white fluffy flesh of good flavour, that rarely discolours on cooking.  They are a a versatile ‘all rounder, excellent for roasting and the one of the best chipping variety available, indeed, they are the variety of potato most favoured by chippers throughout Ireland.




This is a new variety developed in Ireland. The variety is a second early with yellow flesh and skin,with a waxier texture than traditional varieties.The variety is particularly suited to organic production due to its very high levels of blight resistance and early maturity.See (website



Naturally blight resistant and currently grown by approximately 300 researchers around Ireland.



Potatoes are high in essential vitamins such as potassium and Viatmin C,virtually fat free and available all year round. Different varieties have different qualities.

Some are seasonal,some more floury than others,some are ideal for boiling, some just for steaming or roasting.All have different tastes. Why don’t you try a different variety from time to time and avail of the range of some of the delicious potato recipes that accompany this website.

• 1st Earlies : May – July

• 2nd Earlies : July – September

• Maincrop : September – May