St Patrick's Day Recipes 2019

Happy St Patrick's Day for 2019. Feast your eyes on some superb traditional Irish recipes in time for the festivities of St Patrick's Day!

St Patrick’s Day 2019 – Traditional Irish Recipes

Feast your eyes on some delicious Irish food and potato recipes so you can celebrate St Patrick’s Day 2019 in style!

Pancake Day 2019

Bring a unique spin to your pancakes this year with a bit of sweet over savoury. 

Christmas Recipe Roundup 2018

Feast your eyes on these fantastic potato recipes perfect for the Christmas period!

National Potato Day 2018: Potato Recipes

Feast your eyes on these tasty potato recipes for National Potato Day 2018 including healthy recipes and meals inspired by international cuisine.

National Potato Day 2018 Events

Imagine a world without potatoes… you’ve got to be kidding, right? 

National Potato Day – Friday October 5th 2018 - celebrates Ireland’s most loved vegetable and world’s third most important crop.


Introducing Our Recipe Inspiration Chatbot

Are you looking for recipe inspiration? You can now chat directly with Bud the Spud via our new Facebook Chatbot who can lend a helping hand.

Summer Potato Recipes 2018

Check our top 5 potato recipes to try this Summer! From tasty potato salads to scrumptious one-pots and stir-frys - these are all delicious, inspiring and easy to make!

Easter Recipe Roundup 2018!

Here's a round up of some delicious Easter recipes to enjoy with family and friends over the Easter weekend! 

Gluten-free Goodness: Favourite Food Without Compromise

Potatoes are gluten-free which makes them so versatile for people with particular dietary needs. To showcase this, we have selected five popular food recipes from our campaign which feature tasty potatoes in a variety of ways.  

Autumn 2017: Seasonal Potato Recipes

Here are some wonderful warming Autumnal potato recipes for you to enjoy this season.

Fibre is an important component for a balanced diet, is essential for a healthy digestive system and is found in fruits, vegetables, potatoes and whole grains. 


In the run-up to National Potato Day (6th October), TV dietitian Aoife Hearne gives us the low-down.

Our busy lives leave us very short on time to prepare healthy and tasty meals. Here’s some easy-to-follow advice from leading dietician, Aoife Hearne, to help us plan and better prepare our approach to healthy eating.

A taste of summer as Queens potatoes hit the shelves

The season is upon us to welcome the eagerly anticipated Queens potatoes – brought to us earlier this year by a warm spring. To mark the arrival, we’re teaming up with dietitian, Aoife Hearne, to celebrate with recipes which incorporate the tasty spud.

Foods In Season: June 2017

Discover some delicious in-season ingredients, and some impressive potato recipes you can use them in!

Potatoes For Energy

Check out our breakdown of the potato's nutritional qualities and how the spud can serve as a core ingredient in fitness-conscious diets.

Easter Holidays 2017: Tasty Easter Potato Recipes

Here are some delicious recipes to enjoy over the Easter Holidays this year!

Chinese New Year - Year of the Rooster

Feast your eyes on these superb recipes to bring in the Chinese New Year with.


Happy Chinese New Year! 2017 is the Year of the Rooster, which happens to be one of Ireland's favourite potato varieties. Read on to find out more about the famous spud.

Christmas: A Time to Celebrate Vegetables.

Looking for a bit of inspiration to prepare a healthy Christmas day meal, look no further....

Mark Moriarty's Christmas Indulgence Recipes

Indulge yourself with these delightful Christmas potato recipes courtesy of Mark Moriarty.

How To Use Up Your Christmas Leftovers

Find out how to make the most of your festive flavours using the potato!

It is official dieticians say eat more spuds!

Health myths are stopping some people from enjoying nutritious foods

Aoife Hearne's Halloween Blog Post

Aoife Hearne explains how to conjure up a nutrition treat this Halloween

Aoife Hearne

Aoife Hearne, dietician and former athlete, blogs about the importance of nutrition while preparing for a marathon.

National Potato Day celebrates the potato and its role in international cuisine

Today highlights one of the nation’s favourite foods and celebrates the versatility of potatoes!

Loaded Mexican-Style Potato Skins

Ella shares her delicious Loaded Mexican-Style Potato Skins recipe 

Super Spuds – why potatoes should be called the new superfood

We are loving this article from The Huffington Post, which explains 6 reasons why potatoes are so nutritious

Guest blog: Back to School Time by Aoife Hearne

It’s the Back to School season! Aoife Hearne talks us through how best to prepare for the new term.

Embarrassment about cooking habits leading to culinary cover-ups

One in three Irish adults confess to fibbing about what they’ve had for dinner to friends, family and colleagues because they are embarrassed by their choices or culinary skills.

Renowned food blogger celebrates potatoes at a supper club in her London deli

This week, Ella Mills, otherwise known as Deliciously Ella, hosted an exclusive supper club event at her Mae Deli in London, to demonstrate the variety of creative ways to cook with potatoes. 

New Season, New Potatoes: Queens are back on the menu in time for summer!

Dietitian and nutrition expert Aoife Hearne explains why potatoes are a firm favourite for the whole family.

Irish Potatoes- World Records

Want to know who made the biggest potato salad? How about the biggest mash in the world? Of course you do! Here are some incredible potato world records for you to try and beat...

TV Dietician Serves Up A Fresh Look At Potatoes

Well-known TV nutritional expert and Dietician, Aoife Hearne, will be dishing up a fresh look at Ireland’s favourite vegetable as the new Campaign Ambassador for Bord Bia’s ‘Potatoes: More Than A Bit On The Side’ campaign.

Deliciously Ella Unearths New Potato Recipe

Ella Woodward, otherwise known as Deliciously Ella, the renowned food blogger, has announced that she'll be teaming up with the 'Potatoes: More Than A Bit On The Side' campaign for 2016.

Irish potatoes St Patrick's Day

It’s that time of year when for many Irish around the world our national holiday will be celebrated with traditional food, most notably bacon & cabbage & mashed potatoes.

Eating healthy with potatoes

Over half (53%) of Irish people confess to having both tried and failed healthy eating plans time and again at the beginning of each year, according to new research from Bord Bia's Potatoes: More Than A Bit On The Side campaign.

Healthy benefits of potatoes

Potatoes made the health news this week as a new study revealed that eating them (as well as cabbage, cauliflower and onions) could help reduce the risk of developing stomach cancer.

Food blog irish potato dishes

We asked some of our favourite food bloggers to create an exciting potato dish for the campaign and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

Find out several reasons why the spud is the nation's favourite food!