National Potato Day 2017: Potato Recipes

National Potato Day 2017: Potato Recipes

Feast your eyes on these tasty potato recipes for National Potato Day 2017 including healthy recipes and meals inspired by international cuisine.

On Friday 6th October, we will be celebrating National Potato Day here at! Be sure to join in the spuddy frivolities yourself by exploring and using the beautiful and scrumptious potato recipes on Whatever you’re looking for from a meal, chances are we have it!

So, why are we celebrating potatoes? Potatoes are incredibly versatile ingredients and can be used as the basis for a tonne of tasty dishes ranging in style, cuisine and cooking techniques. This year we’re celebrating with ‘Potatoes: What’s Under The Skin’ which aims to explore and promote the health benefits of potatoes.

Potatoes have been associated with unhealthy food like chips and crisps, however, in their raw form they are a fantastic nutritional ingredient. Here are some of our favourite healthy and international potato recipes for you to enjoy this National Potato Day!

Spiralized Potato Salad

This is a scrumptious potato salad featuring spiralized potatoes which tangle themselves around the beautiful accompanying flavours of honey roast ham, black olives and red pepper. This already delectable mixture is topped off with a spritz of lemon zest, basil and pinenuts. Delicious!  

Grilled Salmon and Potato Rainbow Salad

This is a yummy dish, as beautiful in presentation as it is in taste! The salmon centrepiece is surrounded by a wealth of veggies including broccoli, pepper and cauliflower; and of course, the faithful spud! This recipe also guides you through how to create a delightful complementary dressing - incredibly easy to make but impressive on the eye and the taste buds. 

Fragrant Malaysian Fish and Potato Light Curry

Potatoes can be a great addition to many international dishes, as proven here in this Malaysian fish and potato curry which bursts with flavour and fragrant spices. Red chillies, lemongrass and ginger all help to add to the wonderfully fragrant flavours.  

Jamaican Jerk Potato and Black Bean Curry

This is another great potato recipe in the context of a famous international cuisine – this time Jamaican Jerk, even though the seasoning is most commonly served up with chicken, it also works beautifully well within this potato and black bean curry. 

Thai Chicken and Potato Curry

Here’s a warming curry dish for those colder Autumnal nights rolling in. Coconut milk, spices and curry paste makes for a beautiful consistency and glue which pulls the surrounding chicken and potato ingredients together. Check out this video recipe below to get a speedy run through of the preparation! 

For more potato recipes like this head to the healthy potato recipes section. Find out more about National Potato Day 2017 here.

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