National Potato Day 2018: Survival Kit

It's National Potato Day 2018, and being a student is hungry work! Checkout our Survival Kit to help you along the way.

Download our Survival kit here

Being a student is hungry work! Using all those brain cells. Did you know that carbohydrates are the only food group that provide essential energy for brain function? Well that’s good to know but I like taste with my energy… And that’s where I come in!

This little booklet will give you the QR codes and website links from to open up a new world of potato cooking. Remember, spuds are healthy, fantastic value for money, really tasty and you can cook them in so many delicious ways. Today is your independence day! 

Most of all, potatoes are tasty and it’s no wonder that they have the
reputation for being ‘Ireland’s feel-good food’. So download our Survival Kit here to help you along the way. 

Celebrate National Potato Day - October 5th

Unsurprisingly, National Potato Day is one of our favourite events of the year! Find out about how we're celebrating this year. 

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