Your Guide To The Perfect Christmas Roast Potato!

Your Guide To The Perfect Christmas Roast Potato!

Rustle up the perfect roast potato this Christmas with the help of these delicious and delectable methods.

Potatoes are an integral part of the traditional Christmas roast dinner! The trusty spud is always part of the dinner mix whatever the main part of the meal is, whether it’s turkey, goose or nut roasts. Everybody has their own individual approaches and methods, whether they are passed down by family members or extracted from cook books. Each of these are bound to work in their own unique way, and that’s the beauty of the spud – they are versatile little things! Here’s some of our favourite means of reaching spud perfection this Christmas!

Choose your spud right

Getting on the road to roast potato perfection starts with the type of spud you choose! To gain that delightful opposition of light centres and crispy skins we all look for in a roast potato, you need to  use a floury variety of potatoes, Maris Pipers are ideal or a good all-rounder like Roosters. Get it wrong and you’ll be serving nothing but disappointing results, for instance, salad potatoes and boiling potatoes will dry out rather than cook on the inside.

Parboil before roasting

Top tip: parboil your roast potatoes before putting them through the main cooking process. This helps weaken the skin so the fats and seasoning you are using can truly flavour the spud, which hence causes the outside skins to crisp up nicely! Place them on boil until the outside of the potato is soft and the middle is still firm. From then on, proceed as you normally would! Trust us, it makes all the difference!

Cook the potato using the roast’s centrepiece

This is a great technique which works in any of the roast’s forms guaranteeing a great consistency and delightful flavours every time! In the remaining 20 minutes of cooking, nestle your spuds in and around closely to whatever your centrepiece may be – turkey, goose or nut roast.  Pairing this with the parboiling method above will allow the flavoursome juices and fats to settle into your spuds where the skins will bloom into a lovely golden crisp, whilst the insides soften into a beautiful fluffy consistency.  

Fats and seasoning

Christmas is all about indulging – we all overdo it a little, but you must do so in careful parameters. Duck fat and goose fat is the ultimate indulgence when it comes to potatoes. Heat your fats and boil up the spuds separately before adding your parboiled roasties to the mix – make sure it’s hot! You can’t really beat garlic and rosemary for potato seasoning if you want to keep it traditional, however, if you’re feeling experimental, why not add a dash of paprika to give those roast potatoes a spicy twist!

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Perfect potato wedges

Hitting the perfect spot between fries and roast potatoes, wedges are a great accompanying dish to a main meal but also works on its own as a fulfilling portion of taste and spud satisfaction. The key notes to hit when cooking up wedges is a good standard of softness and crispiness at the same time. Achieve this with the following hints and tips on spud greatness!

Alternatively referred to as the baked potato, this wholesome and fulfilling snack is the go-to for taste, satisfaction and splendour! 

It’s often a simple process but we want you to experience max enjoyment every time – here are some tips for jacket potato perfection.