Potato Recipe Hints & Tips

Learn some amazing cooking techniques so you can cook your potatoes to perfection.

Potatoes form the base for a number of different meals varying in taste, cuisine and style; they can also be cooked in a variety of delicious ways. This ‘How to’ section allows you to explore and learn some incredible techniques so you can get the most out of your potato recipes. These tips also include best practice when it comes to peeling potatoes, storing potatoes and using the microwave instead of the traditional oven.

Potatoes are a wonderful accompaniment to almost any dish. Add wedges or chips to your burger or sandwich or serve up a yummy jacket potato alongside a fish dish. We've also got a great guide on how to cook roasted potatoes which is a difficult technique to perfect - with our method you'll be able to get them right every time whether it be for Sunday dinner or Christmas dinner.     

Everyone loves chips! Whether you are having them together with a steak or served up in a butty they are a staple side dish for many a meal.

Whether they are served up with sausages or mixed up with cheese and spinach, mashed potatoes are a spud staple that are super versatile and delicious.

There’s not much better out there than a roast potato that strikes the perfect balance between a crispy outside and fluffy, piping hot inside. An essential part of any roast, getting your spuds spot on can make or break the meal so make sure to follow these tips on how to make roast potatoes shine every time.

As far as cooking skills go, boiling potatoes is not perhaps the most adventurous, but what they lack in glamour they more than make up for in versatility and usefulness! Whether you’re boiling some up for a salad or serving as a simple side-dish with garlic butter, you’ll want to make sure you get them just right!

Hitting the perfect spot between fries and roast potatoes, wedges are a great accompanying dish to a main meal but also works on its own as a fulfilling portion of taste and spud satisfaction. The key notes to hit when cooking up wedges is a good standard of softness and crispiness at the same time. Achieve this with the following hints and tips on spud greatness!

Chips (or fries) are probably one of the most popular side-dishes in the world, and are the perfect accomplice to main meals but also stand-alone as a great snack next to the condiment of your choice.

Knowing how to fry chips at home the right way will make a massive improvement to your next attempt, read on to spy our hot tips for gaining that delicious crispy/fluffy combo!

Alternatively referred to as the baked potato, this wholesome and fulfilling snack is the go-to for taste, satisfaction and splendour! 

It’s often a simple process but we want you to experience max enjoyment every time – here are some tips for jacket potato perfection.


Sometimes we need a speedy means of making a great meal without sacrificing quality - this is where the microwave comes in to shine. There are a number of ways to create your favourite potato dishes in the microwave from mash to roast to jackets, find out here.

For certain potato dishes, a smoothly peeled surface is required. This approach is useful for smoothly textured recipes such as mash potatoes, boiled potatoes and roast potatoes. Of course there is the traditional manual approach with a peeler or knife but there may be some methods here which you haven't heard of before.

The way you store potatoes has an effect on the lifespan and the overall quality of your spud so it's important to do it right. Find out some top tips to avert bruising or greening to make the most of them when it comes to cooking up your delicious meals.

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