Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy Eating Tips

Here are some fantastic healthy eating tips from nutritionist Aoife Hearne.

When we're in the midst of our busy schedules, the very important things in life can often move down the list of priorities. One thing that should always be held in high importance is food, and more specifically the quality of the food we’re consuming. Here are a few fantastic healthy eating tips from nutritionist Aoife Hearne. These will help you avoid satisfying those midnight hunger pangs with quick unhealthy food.


Laziness is the main culprit of bad eating habits. After a long day at work our energy levels are low and we often opt for whatever food is quickest to cook which is, in most cases, the unhealthy option. This issue has an easy resolution – organisation. Try and plan your meals day-by-day for a week and equip yourself with some staple ingredients which you can put to many different meals. Not only will you reap the benefits of eating healthie but it’ll also give you more control over you diet.

Buying in bulk

Potatoes are a wonderfully versatile ingredient to have to hand. They settle into many different dishes ranging in cuisine, cooking style and ingredients as demonstrated by the plethora of potato recipes featured on Try buying them in bulk to see just how much you can make out of the humble spud. Be sure you know how to store potatoes in order to retain their quality, flavour and best condition for your dishes.

Cook up and prepare in advance

Be economical with the limited amount of free time you have in the evening by cooking/preparing either the entire meal or part of the meal in advance. Give yourself an hour or so over the weekend to prep for your meals planned throughout the week - store these in the fridge so they're ready to use when it comes to cooking up your meals.

Pick your potatoes wisely

If you're looking for a quick and easy option salad potatoes and new potatoes are relatively low maintenance when it comes to cooking. If you have a packed out evening where you're short of time these are the best spuds to purchase when you're in the potato aisle at the supermarket. There is a huge variety of potatoes - explore the range here.

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