How to microwave potatoes

How to microwave potatoes

Discover how to serve up your favourite potato dishes in snappy, delicious and speedy style.

The microwave is a great tool should you find yourself strapped for time – you can achieve great quality potato meals all in the context of the microwave. Find out how here.

Mashed Potatoes

We all know mashed potato makes an incredible side to an array of dishes, but did you know you can serve up this smooth dish in quickfire speed? For a regular sized portion take about four spuds and throw them into a microwavable dish, cover it up and cook for about 10 minutes. Don’t pierce or score the spuds prior to cooking as the intact skin helps the potatoes steam from the inside-out which is going to give you that lovely soft texture.

When they’re ready, throw them into a bowl before adding a tablespoon of cream or a knob of butter at room temperature and mix together with a masher or a fork.

Jacket Potatoes

Either referred to as a baked potato or jacket potato, this dish is a compact snack and can be consumed as a fulfilling meal by itself. Commonly, the jacket potato begins life in the microwave before being shifted to the oven for a complete cook through, however it can be completed entirely in the microwave. Simply scrub your spuds, then prick with a fork all over the potato (this lets the skin crisp and the inside soften) before firing it up in the microwave for roughly 4-5 minutes per spud. Turn the spud over afterwards and cook for a further 4-5 minutes.

If you’re cooking up for more than one person, then don’t fear you can cook more than one at a time.  All you’ll need to do is up the cooking time by 4-5 minutes for every spud you add.

Roasted Potatoes

The roast potato is the cornerstone to the Sunday roast and the annual Christmas roast – with both of these occasions being particularly demanding on the cooking front, the speedy assistance of the microwave can never go amiss!

Prep the potatoes with the all-important scrub before chopping them into thumb-size chunks or cubes – four potatoes will do for a regular-sized dish. Sprinkle two tablespoons of olive oil on top along with your favourite seasoning and a spruce of salt and pepper. Place in the microwave for 10 minutes covering the bowl but with a smidgen of breathing space – this exposure sees the insides steaming and softening alongside the oil which crisps up the potato skins nicely.

Take out of the microwave and you’ve got yourself a beautiful dish of golden brown roasted spuds!

Chips (or fries) are probably one of the most popular side-dishes in the world, and are the perfect accomplice to main meals but also stand-alone as a great snack next to the condiment of your choice.

Knowing how to fry chips at home the right way will make a massive improvement to your next attempt, read on to spy our hot tips for gaining that delicious crispy/fluffy combo!

Alternatively referred to as the baked potato, this wholesome and fulfilling snack is the go-to for taste, satisfaction and splendour! 

It’s often a simple process but we want you to experience max enjoyment every time – here are some tips for jacket potato perfection.


There’s not much better out there than a roast potato that strikes the perfect balance between a crispy outside and fluffy, piping hot inside. An essential part of any roast, getting your spuds spot on can make or break the meal so make sure to follow these tips on how to make roast potatoes shine every time.