Top 10 cookery confessionals

Top 10 cookery confessionals

All the statistics below point to busy lifestyles, common misconceptions and a lack of consumer knowledge influencing the way we eat and cook – sometimes in ways we wouldn’t care to admit!

  1. A quarter of women (26%) have lied to loved ones about what they're having for dinner because they're embarrassed to admit their poor food choices
  2. A quarter of Irish people (26%) admit to regularly cutting corners by buying oven ready meals instead of cooking from scratch
  3. A third of people (34%) only have between 2 - 4 dishes they know how to cook well
  4. Over two thirds (67%) of people did not admit that they are confident cooking for other people
  5. A fifth of women (22%) pick up a takeaway like a kebab or fish & chips on their way home from work if they've had a busy day
  6. The average woman only has 11 dishes in her culinary repertoire – although more than men have with just 9!
  7. Over a third (37%) of Irish dinner choices are determined by mood
  8. 31% of women always cook the same handful of recipes for dinner, over and over again
  9. One in six women (17%) don't eat enough healthy, balanced meals because they can't afford to
  10. One in eight (12%) women never entertain because they hate cooking!

Who said healthy eating is hard?

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